Your Electronic Supplier

Control your supply chain by  having a plan.

“We understand how it feels to have…..”

  •  changing production schedules
  •  long lead-times
  •  out of control inventory levels

Key players in a company plan for change and so can you.

We have done it before and can do it again to will help to handle changes in production schedules and suppliers with a three step process. We all know two things for certain.

  • Production schedules change
  • Suppliers lead-times change

your chance to take control

Step One
The first step is easy. You just set a meeting on the phone, in-person, or email.
Action Needed
You call us at 651-735-1676 or email us at to set up a meeting.
Step two
You analyze data with our help
Next Action
You breakdown you products, suppliers into categories with a process that is fast and fun.
Step three
You apply your the Plan
Next Action
You apply your process plan that will help guard yourself against the "chance gremlin". We will be there helping guide you on every step.

our clients say

“They are quick to communicate any delivery problems from suppliers that will affect their promised date. I know I can always rely on Yes-Tech to supply the components I need on time.”

Willie Fox,  Purchasing