There is nothing more rewarding knowing that you are ready for the unknown.

You take the first step is to contact us so that we can come up with a stocking plan.  Phone, in-person, text, chat, email.    We just need the product you need stock, last 12 month usage, and your best guess in the up and coming months.

  •  email
  • phone  651 735-1676
  • text   651  583-3558
  • chat (hit the orange button on the right)

We will guide you through the process  breakdown the product you buy. We then and look how you buy  (the peaks and valleys of your needs). This will be the bases of your plan to be ready for any changes that are coming your way.  You can make changes at any time during the plan to adjust for unexpected needs.

You appove and we apply your plan to stock for you.


Dave Ramsey said this about a plan.  ” There is a reason for the plan. We number our steps for a reason.  Use the first step first and don’t jump to the third step.”   So use your plan one step at a time.  There is no better feeling then to know you are walking in the right direction.