Manufacturers struggle with lead-times on electronic parts

There are ways  reduce those lead-times for production to get your products built.

  You can the  be the superhero

Over 20 years we helped buyers with the same problem too many times.

Communication breakdown causes decisions to be made from the wrong information.  The Buyer take the hits when they are just the messenger.

  • Have a plan on what suppliers to trust
  • Hold them accountable to that information

Supplier Relations

Trust Level


Solid Communication Events

Four pillars when buying

Price is not what we pay for the part, it is the total cost in using the part. It is not price that is important but value.
Expect and demand the part to work.
Getting parts when we how we need them.
Trusting vendors to do what they do what say they will do. Trust also is about he information you receive from the vendor.


That an Engineer knows when designing in a new electronic component.

As an Engineer you already know that the first step is getting the right component that allows your circuit to run. Then you look at cost and delivery. Instead of cost, should you not be looking for value? What is it you look for in delivery? I imagine it is how fast you can get a part for the first prototype run, and then you look for a distributor with stock. Next time you design in a component, check with your buyer to see what suppliers can be trusted to get you solid information. Not to mention that there can be a great difference from the design stage to a 3-year-long production phase. Your buyers are experienced when it comes to knowing that your supplier can be trusted.


Professional Buyer

Your supply chain is based on the information you get as professional. Enjoy making  decisions when you know your supplier gives it to  you straight.  We want you to  relax and grow with  your company by helping you get what you want and need.

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